Address challenges through different online formats

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    Are you a lecturer or researcher, an expert in professional development, a manager of a higher education institution, an expert in quality assurance, a student or lifelong learner, or a civil society actor interested in transformative learning, quality assurance, and sustainable development? The #HES2020 will enable you to meet members of different communities involved in transformation and quality assurance in higher education.


    The contributions have been screened by a mixed panel of renowned researchers and teachers, professional development specialists, and quality assurance experts.


    The following online formats will be offered at the #HES2020:

  • Develop joint project ideas or research questions in a co-creative lab

    Present a "next practice", try out a new tool together, assess and learn together


    Share your topic, method, approach on a communicative poster

    An additional format is available: book a virtual room for your network meeting


    It’s forward looking…

    Co-creative labs are communities of inquiry and practice that involve participants in collaborative exploration of one or more conference challenges as well as development of ideas to address them.

    Propose your co-creative lab and develop a joint project idea, research questions, teaching-and-learning formats, quality assurance processes, etc. with other participants.

    A co-creative lab session has a workshop format, will last 90 minutes and is self-organized in a virtual room that we provide. It usually includes a presentation of the topic and uses participatory and active learning techniques to engage participants in the co-creation of ideas.


    It involves exchanging about past experiences and improving initiatives…

    Solution rooms are communities of inquiry and practice that involve participants in collaboratively exploring "next practices" related to the conference challenges, discussing possible solutions, developing further ideas, and discussing next steps.

    Present your next practice (research, initiative, experience...) in a solution room with other colleagues. A “next practice” is about critically reflecting on how our current practices could work differently, more effectively, more powerfully, more efficiently; a "next practice" also entails thinking about failures and taking into account future contexts and scenarios. It is about the process and not the final output.

    A solution room session will last 90 minutes. It will contain several presentations related to the same challenge and will be facilitated by a specialist. Each presentation will last a maximum of 15 min.


    A lively place for meeting with the unexpected, the unknown…

    The poster plaza is a virtual marketplace for creative meetings in different contexts where participants collaboratively explore one or more conference challenges based on key messages presented on posters that will be accessible already before the beginning of the conference.

    Share your topic, method, or approach on a communicative poster template and attract people to interact about your key message. Chance meetings of participants in a forum space will lead to crossing boundaries between established communities of practice, developing ideas together and discussing innovative actions.


    Get inspiration from the following reflections on poster design: youtu.be/1RwJbhkCA58 (you can jump directly to 11’30’’)


    In this special format we provide virtual rooms for independent network meetings. Join a session to meet fellow colleagues and create or strengthen your network around different fields of interest!