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  • Join us for the Higher Education Summit 2020 (#HES2020), an international event addressing the question “How can we assure quality and transformative learning for sustainable development?” We will meet in Bern, Switzerland, from 31 August – 2 September 2020. The event is co-organised by the COPERNICUS Alliance, saguf, td-net, the University of Bern, and the University of Lausanne.



    Higher education institutions in Europe acknowledge the urgent need for rapid and radical transformation towards sustainable development and agree that higher education has an important role to play in this process. But how can this role be assumed, what values should guide the process, what should be transformed, how, and who should lead and who be engaged? Suggestions and models exist, but they remain niches, often nested at institutional levels that are disconnected from relevant larger-scale, standard-defining quality and policy bodies.

    The conference will enable participants from a number of different stakeholder and expert groups interested in transformation towards sustainable development to meet beyond their “natural borders” and to discuss both research and practice-related issues.


    The Higher Education Summit 2020 aims to:​

    • Address the challenges of quality assurance and transformative learning for sustainable development
    • Get different communities together, foster creative listening, and spark new inspirations
    • Share latest knowledge across these communities, learn from each other, and get inspired for improved practices towards sustainable development
    • Refine the research agenda in the fields of transformative learning, quality assurance, and sustainable development
    • Inspire new research that cuts across these fields



    This conference seeks to convene key players for Higher Education for Sustainable Development and transformation, foster creative listening, and spark new inspirations across the following communities:

    • lecturers and researchers at higher education institutions
    • experts in professional development in higher education
    • managers of higher education institutions
    • experts in quality assurance
    • students and lifelong learners
    • civil society actors